Planning for Black History Month? We’ve got you covered.

Black History Month is February 1 - March 1

September 18, 2023
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Employee Engagement

Diversity is a core tenet of your company's mission, and when used properly, company events can be a powerful way to foster inclusion and honor diversity in your workplace. And while they may seem simple, creating the right environment at an event is no small feat. Using Five to Nine, you can create events that celebrate differences, spark ideas for future discussions at the office, and form strong bonds among teams and departments.

We’ve put together a few ideas below for events your team can host to celebrate Black History Month. Whether you want to focus on a specific area of history, or just raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

You can also book time with us to learn more about us. We can help you along the way!

Check out these ideas and start planning today:

1. (IRL) Black History Month Kickoff Party

This is a great way to get the entire company excited about February and Black history in general! Host a small event at your office that includes food, drinks, music, and games that celebrate African-American culture.

2. (IRL or Virtual) BHM Watch Party

Invite your colleagues to watch a different Black movie or show each week of Black History Month. After the watch party, have an impactful discussion about the topics or themes seen in the content.

  • When They See Us
  • Black-ish BHM episode (Season 4, Episode 15)
  • 13th
  • Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History Month
  • More Than A Month

3. (IRL) African Diaspora Lunch

Support a Black-owned restaurant or have a potluck featuring traditional dishes that reflect the variety of flavors in Black cuisine and culture. Spend time sharing the dish's history or a fun fact about the recipe.

Find a Black-owned restaurant to support locally on EatOkra.

4. (Virtual) Black Literature Discussion

Collect book suggestions from participants to read async, and meet once a week during BHM virtually to discuss predetermined topics that create a dialogue amongst your ERG or company-wide. Step up this event by purchasing the book from a Black-owned bookstore.

Don’t forget: You can book time with our team to ask any Five to Nine platform questions and learn how we're helping employee experience and ERG teams plan and brainstorm their 2023 event and program strategy.
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