We’re here to help you create more inclusive programming, one event at a time. 
As a team we get it. We understand that people are more than just their 9-5. This is why our mission is to foster workplaces where everyone feels that they belong.
Our Story
Five to Nine is a black women-owned software company with the goal of improving the program and management experience for event leaders. As former people leaders, co-founders Jasmine and Denise have experienced the challenges that often accompany program and event management. This is why they created Five to Nine to enable employee experience leaders to do their best programming.
“I realized firsthand how challenging event management could be – from spreadsheets to survey forms– nothing was in one place. And without the proper tools, it was nearly impossible to understand how these programs impacted employee retention and productivity.”
Jasmine Shells
CEO, Five To Nine
Why the name "Five to Nine"
People are more than just their 9-5, which is why it’s important to create inclusive programming where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. We believe in bringing your full self to work - always.
Our Values
always first
We show up for each other and bring our authentic #fivetonine selves everyday.
to win
We collaborate to make our ideas and each other better and stronger. There’s no job too small.
Keep it
We give honest feedback early and often and always seek to understand. #NoEgo
are our North Star
Customers are our partners and we’re always there to listen, support & follow through.
Stay curious
Curiosity fuels our passion, and we strive to learn more about our people, customers and the world around us.
viBes only
Vibez, vibes, vibezzz…however you spell it, it all has the same meaning. You’ll know what we mean when you work with us ;)
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