What is Five to Nine?

Five to Nine is the community for emerging leaders and professionals
We inspire purpose and community through unique social experiences that empower professionally and personally. Five to Nine puts together experiences for the community, ranging from Bulls games to socials, fitness classes to guest speakers.

We all work hard during the 9 to 5, but what are we doing in our 5 to 9? We believe our Five to Nine is what keeps us up at night with rigorous passion, what fuels our hopes and dreams, and what brings us closer together as human beings.

Rock climbing, wine tastings, knowledge panels... what's your Five to Nine?

When are experiences usually held?

Experiences are put on during the evening hours of the weekdays. Since Five to Nine’s philosophy is to live for more than the weekend, we strive to provide an eclectic mix of shared experiences for all styles and preferences.

What if I don’t know anyone going to an event?

As a member, you will be able to see who is attending the event - so you can check if your friends are going! You can also chat with other members on our platform to coordinate attending events together, taking out the anxiety of not knowing anyone! Either way, our community and event organizers are extremely inclusive and welcoming, so it can always be a great experience to meet new people.

Can I bring a friend to an event?

Of course! The more, the merrier. If your friend is not a member, they will be charged the non-member entrance fee for the event. If he or she is a member, they will receive exclusive access to discounted and free events, as well as other perks and opportunities sponsored by Five to Nine.

How do I use the platform?

Once you log in to the Five to Nine platform, you will be directed to a Mighty Networks community page. There you can message other Five to Nine members in your area, engage in discussions and polls, and find events to go to.

How much does Five to Nine cost?

Five to Nine memberships cost $20 (billed monthly).

What is and not included in the cost of Five to Nine?

The price includes access to discounted and free events, freebies like drinks and appetizers, perks like discounted classes at General Assembly, access to our speaker series, and many more opportunities for members. There are certain events that are discounted for members. The membership fee does not include extra costs incurred for discounted events (such as additional drinks or food not covered by deal).

Couldn’t I go out on my own for cheaper?

Five to Nine members have been found to, on average, save $50 a month on social outings and perk opportunities. The value of Five to Nine is in the community - a network of bright, passionate, and fun people who want to be more fulfilled in their weekday lives.